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Whitelist Specific User Roles

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This feature allows you to whitelist any user role from password protection. 

This means you can grant access to specific user roles to view your password protected site or content without requiring them to enter the password.

How to Access Whitelist Specific User Role Feature:

With the Password Protected plugin, you can easily grant access permission based on user roles. If you want some user roles to be able to access your site directly,

  • Navigate to the Security tab of the plugin and get the Whitelist User role sub-tab.
  • Enable the Whitelist Specific User toggle button to activate this feature.

Select User Roles to bypass Protection:

  • You can select one or more user roles from the Select User Roles dropdown menu or from the default WordPress user roles (e.g., Administrator, Editor, Author, Subscriber).
  • Save the changes.

Login Screen Redirection from Protected Screen:

  • You can enable login screen redirection on the password protected screen.

    For Instance, if you have whitelisted user roles for your private site, these users should be logged in to access your site without the password. Enabling this check box will cause a WordPress login screen redirection link to appear on the Password Protected screen. 
  • You can also add any text for this WordPress login screen redirection link.

That’s it! Now, any user who belongs to the whitelisted user role(s) can access your password protected site or content without entering the password. Other users will still need to enter the password to view the site or content.

Are you interested to learn more about protecting WP Admin with Password Protected?

Check out our documentation Secure your WP-Admin with Admin Lock.

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Whitelist Specific User Roles

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