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Password Activity Logs

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The Password Activity Logs feature is a part of the Password Protected WordPress Plugin Pro. It allows you to see detailed information about password attempts on your WordPress site. 

You can use these logs to monitor login activities, such as who tried to access your protected content, when and where they did it, what browser they used, what password they entered, and whether they succeeded or failed.

How to Access Password Activity Logs:

You need the Password Protected WordPress Plugin Pro version to avail this feature. If you have installed and activated Password Protected Pro Plugin in your WordPress site, follow these steps:

  • Go to the WordPress admin dashboard.
  • Click on the Password Protected plugin.
  • Select the Activity Logs tab.

Understanding Password Activity Logs:

Password Activity Logs provide valuable information about login attempts to your protected content. Here’s what you can expect to find in these logs:

IP Address: 

Each log entry records the IP address from which the login attempt was made, which can help you identify the source of the access request.

Browser Details:

You can see the browser information used in the login attempt. This may include the browser type and version.

Attempt Status: 

The log will specify whether the login attempt was successful or unsuccessful, which allows you to differentiate between legitimate logins and unauthorized access attempts.

Entered Password:

The entered password, whether correct or incorrect, will be displayed, which helps you understand which passwords were used in the login attempts.

Date and Time: 

Each log entry includes a timestamp indicating when the login attempt occurred, which is crucial for tracking the timing of login activities.

Password Activity Logs enhance your ability to monitor and manage login attempts to your password-protected content, promoting website security and user management. This feature is a powerful tool for maintaining control and oversight over your WordPress site.

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Password Activity Logs

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