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Password-Free Administration
Specific Post/Page Protection

Secure any individual post and page with a few clicks. Whether you want to offer premium content to your subscribers or want to test the content before making it public, specific post type protection makes it a breeze!

Limit website login attempts
Custom Post Type Protection

Password-protect any custom post type on your WordPress site, such as portfolios, testimonials, news, movies, etc. Create multiple passwords for each custom post type to offer custom products, invite-only events, and more.

Multiple password management
Category/Taxonomy Protection

Lock any type of WordPress Category or Taxonomy along with all related Post Tags with one or more passwords. Only certain users, roles, or individuals with the password can access the password-protected category.

Password-Free Administration
Passwordless Admin Access

Save time and hassle by logging in as an administrator without typing or remembering a password.

Customized Password-Protected
Customized Lock Screen

Make your password-protected screen more attractive and professional by customizing its background, logo, and more to reflect your branding.

Exclude Page posts Pro
Specific Page Exclusion

Get greater control over content by excluding certain WordPress password protected pages, such as your home page, contact page, or landing page.

Exclude Post Types Pro
Specific Post–Type Exclusion

Manage your content more effectively and share some content with your audience by excluding particular post types such as blog posts, products, or events.

Limit Login Attempts Pro
Login Attempt Limit

Prevent brute force attacks and unauthorized access to your site by limiting the number of password attempts for a specific time period.

Manage Multiple Passwords
Multiple Password Management

Easily activate or deactivate multiple passwords, whether for testing, marketing, or membership, so you can have more flexibility and control over your passwords.

Set Expiry Dates
Password Expiration Date

Set an expiration date for individual passwords, such as one week, one month, or one year, to ensure that users can access your site for a specified period of time.

Activity Log Reports
Detailed Activity Log Tracking

Monitor and review the comprehensive activity log of your password-protected site, which includes the IP address, date, time, and status of each login attempt.

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