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How to Secure Individual Posts

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The Password-protected WordPress plugin allows you to protect specific posts of your WordPress site. This feature offers a flexible and efficient way to safeguard specific content on your WordPress site.

Accessing and Enabling Individual Post Protection:

Before diving into this feature, ensure you’ve installed and activated Password Protected Pro. If you’ve already done that, follow these steps to access and enable individual post protection.

  • Go to the WordPress admin dashboard.
  • Click on the “Password Protected” plugin from the side menu.
  • Navigate to the “Post Type Protection” sub-tab after clicking the “Content Protection” tab from the top navigation tabs.

Post Type Protection

Within the “Post Type Protection” tab, you’ll find two options for post protection.

  1. Protect Individual Post.
  1. Protect Individual Page.

Protect Individual Posts:

  • This option allows you to password protect individual posts.
  • To enable individual post protection, mark the “Individual” checkbox.
  • Go to the Post’s Edit Mode
  • Scroll down to the Password Protected section at the bottom of the page.
  • Check the Enable Password Protection checkbox and click the Save Changes button.
  • On clicking the Save Changes button, You will find some fields to configure the password settings for your post.
  1. Password: Enter the password you want to use for your post.
  1. Usage Limit: Enter the number of times a user can access your post with this password.
  1. Expiry: Enter the date when the password will expire and no longer work.
  1. Status: Choose whether to activate, deactivate, or expire the password.
  •  Click Save Password to apply password protection to your post.
  • The Password Detail Logs will be shown at the bottom of the password protected section.

Understanding the Protection Levels:

It’s important to note that the Password Protected WordPress Plugin Pro offers different levels of protection for your content, such as site-wide, global, category, and individual post protection. When you have multiple protection levels enabled on a single site, you need to understand how they work together:

Password Entry:

If you have more than one protection enabled on your site, such as complete site protection and individual post protection, you don’t need to enter passwords for both. You only need to enter the password for the highest protection level.

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How to Secure Individual Posts

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